Ready C64 on the Go! USB cassette

Take a Commodore 64 with you wherever you go!  A nifty 'hi-tech' reproduction cassette tape featuring a ready to run C64 emulator and a selection of public-domain C64 games.


You can add your own games!  Just drag'n drop them onto the device using your PC


- Stunning Artwork

- Ingenious 8GB USB flashdrive built into Cassette case!

- Superb Collectors Item for any Commodore 64 fan.

- Keyboard and/or joystick compatible when using emulation

- Easy to follow user-guide


* Requires a PC or Windows laptop running Windows 7 or higher. (quite possibly will work on older versions of Windows too)


Do you want more games on your C64 ON THE GO?  Then you can download more for free from these sites:

READY! C64 On The Go [USB]