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Rainbow Islands C64 is one of the very best arcade-conversions of Rainbow Islands you'll find, only beaten to the post by the Amiga version.


About this game:

Rainbow Island is the sequel of Bubble Bobble, but it has not much to do with it. Our hero is sent on exploration tour through the rainbow country. The task that awaits him here is: Up to the sky! To make it not too easy, there are many funnily drawn enemies that give you a hard time. Fortunately, our hero is equipped with an umbrella, which can cast rainbows.


With these rainbows you can trap and elimintate your enemies. Furthermore, the rainbows can be used to walk on and reach higher spots by using them as stairs or bridges. But you should not niggle for too long, as when the text "hurry" appears, the water level rises and your hero should take a flight and rescue himself as fast as possible on the uppermost platform.


The whole plot spans over seven islands, of which each one surprises the player with new funny graphics. Each of the islands is divided into four sections with an ultralarge end monster.


it´s a well done remake of the original arcade version. Many finesses and surprises await the player, so that the game fascinates time and again. Magnificent sounds and graphics give the game its own spirit. All colors of the C64 were used for sprites and backgrounds. The screen is 2D and scrolls softly up- and downwards, also the controls are well-done.


Developed by Graftgold

Published by Ocean


- Complete: Yes

- Condition: 8/10

- Tested: Yes

- Sold as shown



Original Commodore 64 / 128

Rainbow Islands for Commodore 64 (Cassette) by Taito

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