Pixel Gamer : Coloring Book

Pixel Gamer : The Colouring Book!


Pixel Power Coloring Book is a conveniently packaged, on-the-go colouring book that contains 28 original pixelated designs.


This nifty selection of amazing art activities can be transported anywhere, making it ideal for use on the train or bus, at lunchtime or even on a rainy weekend!


Packed with hours of portable pixelated coloring fun that will help you relax and unwind, Pixel Power features retro-cool designs for super heroes, game characters and much more.


Simply dig out your coloured pencils (or add some to your order), crayons, gel pens, felt-tips and marker pens to make the 8-bit era of blocky video games come to life.


This compact colouring book includes a fully-coloured example for each quirky design, along with a mix-and-match gallery of bonus design elements to add to the fun.


It also features a complete Pixel Alphabet, so that you can personalize the pages with your own words and phrases!


  • Super fun for any retro gamer!
  • 28 Awesome colouring pages
  • High Quality Paper
  • Dimensions: CC x BB x AA cm


Optional 12 Pack of Mini 'Stumpy' Colouring Pencils

Pixel Gamer : Coloring Book

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