Raspberry Pi 400 PiMIGA setup with 32GB SD card

A ready to rock PiMIGA setup. Could this be the fastest Classic Amiga ever?

Raspberry Pi 400 Kit with all the extras.  Plug'n'Play Amiga Emulation Setup.


* Raspberry Pi 400 Quadcore 1.8Ghz Processor, 4GB RAM

* Mouse, Joypad, Cables, PSU etc

* 32GB Pi Amiga Software & WHDload Games (microSD)

* Pi User Guide

* Plug 'n Play setup


Kit contains Pi 400 computer all boxed in pristine condition.  Comes with Pi400 setup as a top-of-the-range Amiga, hdmi lead, power cable, mouse and digital joypad.


Includes a 32gb Amiga operating system pre-configured with classic Amiga games & tools!


- Release Year: 2020/21

- Full Computer Intergrated into a Keyboard (Clearly, Amiga was well ahead of it's time)
- Built-in Wi-Fi Adapter

- Built-in Bluetooth

- USB Connectivity

- HDMI output

- Complete with Mouse, Joypad, Cables & PSU

- Ultra-Slim Design


* Uses USB-C 5v/3A Power Supply (Optional universal 5v/3A PSU for overseas customers)

PiMIGA 400 - Raspberry Pi 400 Full Amiga Setup

PriceFrom £184.00
  • To ensure that you legally own the kickstart rom installed on this item, we will include a free copy of the original AMIGA EMULATOR CD which contains a licensed kickstart.rom file from then Amiga International. Originally licensed to Nemesys and published by Epic Marketing in 1996. (New Old Stock)