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Unique looking Clean Metallic Gun-Metal Grey Commodore 64 for sale.

Cleaned, refurbished and thoroughly tested Commodore 64 Breadbin.


You can't go far wrong looking at this C64 for sale, It has been cleaned, refurbished and mad to stand-out in the crowd. The Commodore 64 case has been sprayed a two-tone black and metallic gun-metal grey top with a great condition keyboard and refitted with a brand new SID chip known as ArmSID.


The ARMSID not only sounds pretty amazing, but you can (if you would ever need to) update the firmware and change settings to your liking. And should you wish, use paddles and a mouse unlike with the SwinSID replacement chip. 


- Commodore 64 machine

- UK Specification PAL machine.

- Advanced ArmSID audio chip


Some Commodore 64 extras you may need...

- C64 Video Cable (better quality picture)

- Tapecart SD (loads .PRG files in seconds)

- SD2IEC device (supports PRG, D64 & CRT files)

- Commodore 64 compatible Joystick

- New Commodore 64 Power Supply


Fully tested...
We test the machine fully before despatch and whilst building.

- Video.. tested

- Cables.. tested
- Cartridge port.. tested
- Keyboard.. tested
- Sound / SID chip.. tested
- Cassette port.. tested

- Serial port.. tested
- Power Supply.. tested
- Joystick ports.. tested


*Free Original PSU with UK, European & Australian orders. (Not sent if you order a new PSU)


*New modern USA, UK, AU & EU C64 Power Supply available separately here.

Metallic Grey Commodore 64 C64 with ArmSID

Out of Stock
  • This is a UK specification machine (PAL with 220v-240v that uses a 50hz PSU) So will work in most countries. Shipping to the USA and other countries that do not directly support PAL / 220v-240v will only come with very limited after-sales technical support / warranty. 

    These machines/boards work in the USA when using a HD TV  with an appropriate video cable and power-supply (available separately).    If you have questions or concerns, please ask for advice.

    See our PAL v NTSC page for more details.

    * New power-supplies suitable for use in most regions are available from our website here.

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