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A fully refurbished, recapped and updated Amiga 600 | Available from stock!

This eye-catching Bluetooth enabled Amiga 600 comes with 2mb chipram, 9.5mb fastRAM, Easy-access 4GB SD drive, mouse, power supply, Internal Gotek with OLED display along with a USB stick, ready to use!



- Stunning Satin Black Case

- Black & Red Custom Keyboard (sprayed with vinyl lettering)

- Cleaned, Primed, Sprayed & Sealed Case

- UK Specification PAL Amiga 600

- Inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity (Your Amiga sound will come out your Bluetooth speaker!)

- Inbuilt 'Battlestar Galactica Cylon Eye / Knight Rider K.I.T.T. Style Larson Scanner (Switchable)

- Additional 1mb Memory expansion (2mb total chip memory)

- Additional 9.5mb of FastRAM (Switchable between 5.5mb and 9.5mb)

- Internal GOTEK drive with USB flashdrive & OLED display

- Bonus DVD-ROM with 100's of ADF files included (just copy to the USB flashdrive)

- 4GB Hard drive (Easy Access SD) Ready to Go!

- Harddrive is pre-Installed with Magic Workbench (OS2.1 alternative)

- Whdload PD Games pre-Installed (1000's)

- Essential classic Amiga utilities pre-installed

- Black Amiga compatible USB laser mouse or regular "tank mouse" just let us know!

- Original Power Supply for A600 | 230v (shipped to UK/EU/Australia etc)*

   *Although we'd recommend a new modern PSU... in Black!



- Amiga to Scart Cable

- Amiga Joystick

- Brand New Modern PSU

Knight Rider 2.0 Amiga 600 4GB HD, Gotek, 11mb ram & Bluetooth

Out of Stock
  • Cleaned Refurbished System

    2mb Chip Ram & 9.5mb fastRAM

    Internal Gotek USB drive with OLED display

    4GB Easy-Access SDHard drive

    Internal "Kitt" style led scanner

    Internal Bluetooth module

    Pre-Installed with PD Games & Essential Utilities