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The KCS Power Cartridge is the ultimate toolkit for your Commodore 64/128. With 16K of "extra" RAM, the Power Toolkit allows you to access a variety of programs and applications, as well as the Total Backup utility to protect your data. The Turbo Tape & Disk feature speeds up loading and saving, making your Commodore 64 work even faster. Get the KCS Power Cartridge - C64 and unleash the full potential of your Commodore 64.


Thanks to a new switching principle developed by KCS it has become possible to put software outside the Commodore 64 memory. On the basis of this technique KCS has designed the new POWER CARTRIDGE.

The powerful 16k machine code offers you as user an optimal extension to your standard computer.

Some of the facilities are:

 - A powerful BASIC TOOLKIT (aid) that considerably simplifies programming and the detection of errors in programs. You can use the TOOLKIT commands in your own programs.

 - A quick-loader for DISK as well as TAPE which can also load the more ambitious programs and games.

 - A monitor that is always at your disposal and which gives you access to all memory areas of your Commodore. When you program, or intent to program, in machine language, the POWER CARTRIDGE is an ideal aid.

 - A PAUSE key with which you can stop any program temporarily.

 - An extensive graphic printer interface with which you can make a print of the screen (HARDCOPY) at any time and from any program. The uniqueness of this cartridge is that afterwards you can continue the interrupted program.

 - A TOTAL BACKUP facility. This implies that you can save a program available in the memory at any time and load it again at a later time. After this you can continue the program.

KCS Power Cartridge - Commodore 64/128

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