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KA12 – SERIAL PORT MIDI INTERFACE for All Classic Amiga's




  • 1 × MIDI IN, 1 × MIDI OUT.
  • Durable metal die cast DIN 5 plugs with rubber strain reliefs.
  • Cable length: 1.4 meter (4.5 ft) each.
  • 2×0.25 mm² (AWG 23) shielded cables.
  • Interface is contained inside serial port DB25 plug.
  • Durable construction, modern electronic design, SMT mounted.
  • Fast optocoupler with high current transfer ratio.
  • Fully compatible with existing software, no additional drivers needed.



  • Interface should be connected to Amiga only if the computer is turned off.
  • MIDI links are optoisolated, so MIDI plugs may be connected to devices even when everything is turned on, without risk of hardware damages. However "hot switching" of running MIDI data streams may result in unpredictable effects and is not recommended.
  • MIDI IN interface plug, marked black, should be connected to device sending MIDI messages (keyboard, controller), to its MIDI OUT socket.
  • MIDI OUT interface plug, marked red, should be connected to device receiving MIDI messages (synthesizer, sound module), to its MIDI IN socket
  • Wrong connection (input to input, output to output) is not dangerous to hardware, but obviously won't work.
  • Programs (usually games) sending MIDI messages directly to Amiga serial port, work with KA12 without any driver.
  • Programs accessing MIDI through camd.library do not need any drivers for KA12 as well. Serial port interface driver is embedded in camd.library. The library is usually installed with MIDI applications, it may be also downloaded from Aminet.

KA12 - Serial Port MIDI Interface for the Amiga

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