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Joystick/Mouse auto-switcher for the Amiga.

Tested on an Amiga 500 but may work on other computers such as the Atari ST, Commodore 64 etc, Amiga 600 may require a joystick ort-extender cable.


- Now also works with most PS/2 & USB adapters.

- New version 1.01 now has extra 'pull up' resistors.


Very easy to use. Simply plug an Amiga mouse* into one port and a joystick in the other. Then plug the switcher into your computer. Press the left mouse button to give control to the mouse, and press the fire1 joystick button to pass control back to the joystick. A red or blue LED indicates which device has control.


The unique pcb based design makes it much more robust than the usual cable-type auto switchers. 

Amiga Joystick / Mouse Auto Switcher (New Improved)

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  • Just press the button and switch between:

    Blue LED = Mouse

    Red LED = Joystick

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