Fears - Amiga game new box artwork cover

To Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of FEARS we have re-imagined the game-artwork

Have you got what it takes to face your Fears? Everyone said it couldn't be done. It has been!!! Prepare to meet thy doom.


* An awesome display of 360 degree 3D action *

* 30 Levels of Manyk mayhem *

* Null Modem Play *

* Level designer allows you to create your own fields of battle *

* 6 Different weapon systems *

* 3 Levels of difficulty. Easy, Normal & Difficult *


- Suitable For A1200, A4000


Amiga Joker 88%

Amiga Computing 92%

Amiga Games 87%

Amiga Joker 85%


Whats Included:

- DVD Case with reversible 25th Anniversary sleeve artwork

- Original mint-condition AGA Amiga disks

- User guide

- Collectible Fears Sticker



* Developed by MANYK

* Published by Guildhall Leisure Ltd

* Artwork re-imagined 2020 by AMI64.com

FEARS | 25th Anniversary Edition (Amiga Disk)

SKU: Fears
  • Media Type: 3.5" Floppy Disk
    Video Modes Supported: A1200 /  A4000
    Controller Types Supported: Mouse / Keyboard / Joystick
    Number of Players: 1-2 Players

    Multiplayer via Null Modem Cable

  • SUITABLE FOR: AMIGA A1200, A4000

    REQUIRES: Minimum 2mb ram (enhanced with additional ram /accellerator)