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The Amiga 3X Gotek Triple Drive

The Ultimate Amiga External Multi-Disk Drive (2xfdd+Gotek) with optional 64gb usb drive. 


All three drives work at the same time, so you can copy an ADF direct to another floppy disk or vise-versa, or use the drives as normal external Amiga drives.


2 x Samsung 880KB floppy disk drives

1 x Gotek drive (buzzer + rotary encoder + oled display + flashfloppy)

1 x CD-ROM featuring 1600 public-domain games

1 x 128mb USB pendrive


Optional Upgrade: Branded top-quality 64GB USB flashdrive, We'll install the freely downloadable Tosec collection in ADF format for you on your behalf...

* Drive has modify DB25 plug as shown

* Buzzer volume control not always installed

* Cable length: 80cm approx

External Amiga Double Disk Drive & Gotek [The Amiga 3X]

PriceFrom £199.00
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