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Erik is a side-view scrolling platform game. The hero is a friendly viking whose peaceful living is disrupted when the evil god Loki is reincarnated. Not happy with Erik's refusal to join the pursuits of more violent vikings, Loki casts a spell on the lands turning the world into a terrible place. Erik now has to overcome all the dangers so that he once again can live in peace.

The game consists of four worlds, each divided into seven levels. The last level of each world contains a guardian that has to be defeated for Erik to be able to move on to the next world. On his journey, Erik comes across various monsters and traps to overcome. Cash in the form of jewels can also be found. Collected jewels can be used in shops to acquire extra weapons, shields and lives. In each world there are also two secret rooms where Erik can get even more lives and weapons that are not available in the shops.


A classic original Amiga game on 3.5" disk.

Visually good condition. 

ERIK - Amiga Game Disk

  • Visually good condition. Sold as genuinely untested.

  • A selection of one-off limited stock items from a number of our closest Commodore-dealer friends.


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