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Classic eMac Design with Amiga MorphOS installed and ready to use.


- Complete with Mouse, Keyboard and Joypad

- Pre-Installed with Registered MorphOS (Ambient 1.44 (1/10/2020)

- Pre-Installed with a large amount of ready-to-run software and games

- Plays Classic Amiga games

- Runs Classic Amiga software

- Over 1700 MorphOS titles available on Aminet

- Also use Classic Amiga titles, Over 37,000 on Aminet alone!.


Apple eMac G4 Specs (to the best of our knowledge)

* Ice White Case

* UK Spec 240v

* PowerPC 7447a

* G4 Processor running at 1.25 Ghz

* 24bit Colour

* 32mb ATI Radeon 9600 pro Graphics Card : 1280 x 960 resolution 

* 256mB RAM

* 40GB Hard drive *Minimum

* Super-crisp 17" CRT flatscreen

* Full size keyboard & Gaming Mouse

* 3 x USB 2.0 ports

* Ethernet Port

* CD-ROM Drive


Support for MorphOS is huge on the internet with support sites like and


Custom eMac G4 Amiga MorphOS System

Out of Stock
  • Fragile Item, Will be packaged as best as possible.

    Heavy Boxed Weight: 30KG

    Overseas buyers can have this shipped to a friend or family member in the UK and have them forward to you or you can arrange collection using a courier service like

    If you do order this, simply put your details in as the delivery address. You will pay a small admin fee to us to cover handling. And we'll then contact you with the box dimensions and actual weight and requirements to ship to your country (Damn Brexit!) so you can arrange a courier via  - An example price to ship this box to USA is £120

    Overseas buyers are responsible for all shipping and handling costs and import taxes where applicable. 

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