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New Replacement Drive & Tape Counter Belt Set for your C2N Datasette Unit


The general cause of poor loading performance from the Datasette units is often a perishing drive belt becoming slack, dirty heads, or more commonly the belt has become 'kinked' where it has sat without moving around the drive pulley for some 30 years or so.  This kink then becomes a permanent unwanted feature of the belt causing it to jump and slip.


The tape counter belts don't usually snap or degrade, but can slacken off over time and may start to slip occasionally.


Our square section belts are of identical design and size to the originals but made from modern, more resilient materials, ensuring many more years of use of your datasette unit.


It is important to identify where your Datassette was manufactured as the belt sizes used are different - see the bottom of your unit.


Choose from:

1. Commodore 1530 C2N Datasette - Made in Taiwan

2. Commodore VIC1530 C2N Datasette - Made in Japan

3. Commodore 1531 Datasette

4. Commodore VIC C2N Datasette (Shoe Box) Style - Made in Taiwan

Commodore C2N Datasette Replacement Belt Set


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