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A very nice and extremely rare addition to your Commodore collection. Suitable for PAL C64 and C128 Machines.


The Codemasters CD Games Pack features:

Thirty classic games from Codemasters.

Digitally Re-mastered

Ultra fast loading of games

Maximum reliability of loading games, no more errors!


Box Contents

  • Boot Loader Cassette (allows super-fast loading of each game direct from CD)
  • CD (Containing 30 games)
  • Registation card
  • 6ft Cable (Connects via joystick port to CD player via headphone socket)
  • User Guide


1989 RARE Collection of thirty games on compact disc. This unique set allows you to connect an external audio CD player and use it to load the games into your C64.

Codemasters CD GAMES PACK (30 games on CD for C64)

Out of Stock
  • This is a list of games included*

    • BMX Simulator 2 (Dirt Biking, Standard)
    • Treasure Island Dizzy
    • Professional Snooker Simulator
    • Fast Food
    • International Rugby Simulator
    • Championship Jet Ski Simulator (part a)
    • Dizzy
    • 3D Starfighter
    • BMX Simulator 2 (Quarry Racing, Expert)
    • Advanced Pinball Simulator
    • 11-a-Side Soccer
    • Professional Ski Simulator
    • Ghost Hunters
    • Championship Jet Ski Simulator (part b)
    • Grand Prix Simulator 2
    • Super Stuntman
    • Fruit Machine Simulator
    • BMX Freestyle
    • ATV Simulator (all terrain vehicle)
    • Street Soccer
    • Moto Cross Simulator
    • Twin Turbo V8
    • Death Stalker
    • Indoor Soccer Simulator
    • Bigfoot
    • Arcade Flight Simulator
    • Pro Skateboard Simulator
    • Soccer Skills
    • Street Gang Football
    • Super Robin Hood
    • Vampire
    • Ninja Massacre

    *Pretty sure they're all correct.

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