C64Digital - Martial Arts Masters

You could add some of the Best COMMODORE 64 games onto our nifty 'hi-tech' reproduction cassette tape!


Order the Packaging only (add your own USB flashdrive) or you can order with our retro-inspired cassette shaped USB flashdrive.


You can download and add any game you consider worthy of "Martial Arts Mastery" for the C64


Example Titles:

Budokan: The Martial Spirit Kerateka
Dragon Ninja Kickbox vigilante
First Samurai Ninja Commando
Fist + Ninja Spirit
Fist Fighter Ninja Warriors
Fist II : Legend Continues   Ringside Karate
Human Killing Machine The Last Fight
Iketa The Lost Ninja Rabbits
Ikkiuchi Tough Guys
International Karate / IK+ Uchi Mata
Karate Champ Way of the Exploding Fist
Kerateka World Karate Championships
Kickbox vigilante Yie Ar Kung Fu


About the C64Digital range.

- Stunning Artwork

- Optional ingenious USB flashdrive built into a Cassette case!

- Superb Collectors Item for any Commodore 64 fan.


Downloaded games are compatible with:


SD2IEC on a real C64!


Smart Phones


THE C64 MINI (firmware update required)

THE C64 (firmware update may be required)

ALL C64 EMULATORS ON ANY PLATFORM including Windows, Amiga & Mac


You can freely download C64 games to add to your C64Digital device from websites like:c64.com  |  c64g.com

C64Digital - Martial Arts Masters

PriceFrom £3.00
  • - The USB Flashdrive is supplied formatted and ready to add your own games.

    - No games are included.

    - Game titles/images are for illustration only.