Amiga External 3.5" Floppy Drive (Colour Options)

Choice of Amiga drives - plug & play.  Suitable for all classic Amiga's


A Refurbished external Amiga froppy disk drive.


Choose from metallic metallic gun-metal grey or stunning metallic electric blue or if you prefer, the original beige.


Drives may differ in appearance as they are from a selection of manufacturers such as Cumana, AMITEK and Roctec etc.


When sprayed, each drive case is cleaned then primed, sprayed and sealed using our technique to give the best possible results to the appearance of you new drive. Or you can order an original unsprayed drive.


Each drive goes through our 7 point test before being dispatched.

1. Cleaned Inside & Out

2. Heads Cleaned
3. XCopy DF0: to DF1:
4. XCopy DF1: to DF0:
5. DOpus Format w/verify
6. Copy 800k of mixed files to DF1:
7. Disk Check & Test DF1:


We strive to ensure continued stock of external Amiga drives. But require up to 28 days to test and refurbish the item if you choose a coloured version.


Image is for illustration, brand/style/design may differ depending on your choice.

Amiga External 3.5" Floppy Drive (Colour Options)

PriceFrom £80.00
  • We strive to ensure continued stock of these items to ensure they can be shipped promptly, but please allow 28 days for dispatch of this item.