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Commodore Amiga CD32 and A4000 PS/2 keyboard adapter.


Sleek hand-built inline design makes this the perfect interface for using PS/2 PC keyboards like our Perixx mini-keyboard.


How to use:

Switch off your CD32 console, plug the PS/2 keyboard into our adapter, then plug the adapter into your Amiga CD32 or Amiga A4000.


Plug and Play!


Supports rom switches etc… Simply use the CTRL-A-A for which ever time you wish the reset to last in order to signal rom/cia switches just like a standard Amiga keyboard.


What's Included:

  - CD32 interface cable

  - Keyboard use guide


PS/2 Keyboard Adapter for use with the Commodore CD32 and Amiga 4000.

Amiga CD32 PS/2 Keyboard Interface

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