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A Plug n' Play Amiga A500+ 1MB Trapdoor Memory RAM Expansion

This low-profile compact memory upgrade is for use with the Commodore Amiga 500 Plus Computer.
This high quality memory expansion doubles your Commodore Amiga 500 Plus' chip-ram which is really quite useful for WHDLOAD games and most Workbench applications.

your Amiga's system RAM will double from the standard 1MB (1 megabyte) to 2MB.
Installation is very simpoly, just slide this ram expansion into the expansion slot on the bottom of your Amiga 500plus,  there is no need to open her up!
Key Features:
 1MB RAM to double your memory to 2MB
 Memory auto configures with no drivers required

 Plug n' Play ram upgrade


* Image for illustration, design may differ.

Amiga A500 Plus 1mb Ram Expansion


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