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Ready to use 'hard drive' for your new Amiga 600 System

- The latest CF/SD adapter and quality branded Compact Flash or Micro SD card that acts just like a super-fast prepped and ready-to-go A600 hard disk.


We'll setup your drive and install all that is needed for your custom-built Amiga A600.


Choose from:

  - 4GB Compact Flash & Interface (Magic WB, WHDload & Software)

  - 8GB Micro SD Card & Interface (Magic WB, WHDload & Software)
  - No Harddrive


This amazing bit of kit is best used with a minimum of 4MB of extra ram fitted to your A600  - Use classic Amiga software and play games and demos direct from the pre-configured CF or SD card!


- Boots in around 10 seconds!

- Includes DOpus file management system

- Includes WHDLOAD and installed PD games and software

- Super fast read & write!
- Will automatically detect PCMCIA adaptor for transfer of ADF files to and from your PC
- Solid state type, no noise, no heat, low power, shock resistant

- Faster than a 2.5" laptop HDD.
- Generally Partitioned into 3+ sections : Workbench, Games, Tools and Demos.



* This Item can only be purchased as part of a custom built Amiga 600.

Ideally you'll need a minimum of 4mb extra ram...

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* Amiga 600 Hard-Drive Kit [choice]

PriceFrom £30.00
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