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A unique Amiga A1200 case for sale.  Make your new Amiga 1200 stand out from the crowd with one of our stunning eye-catching cases.


- Two-tone finish: Satin black bottom & the colour of your choice on the top part of the case.

- Finished in an amazing metallic eye-catching colour, antique white or original unsprayed case.

- New Amiga badge included


Colour Choice:

 - Black
 - Gun metal grey
 - Purple (Slight Metallic)
 - Electric Blue
 - Metallic Pink
 - Metallic Green
 - Antique White (Very Light Cream)
 - Pearl Wihite
 - Flame Red
 - Unsprayed (original case)


Cleaned, Primed, Sprayed and Sealed - Our spray technique makes any ageing, scratches or discolouring disappear...  making the case virtually new again!  or if you prefer you can choose a clean, tidy uncoloured original light-beige A1200... just like the original machine.


* The example case shown as an example is from

* Spraying process can take 7-14 days.

* Colours in images are for illustration only.


* This can only be purchased as part of a custom built Amiga 1200.

* Please allow up to 28 Days to be completed and shipped.
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*Amiga 1200 Case [choice of colours]

PriceFrom £119.00
  • * Original unsprayed cleaned case: We will supply the best quality case we have available, but due to the age an unsprayed case may have some minor marks.

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