custom colored A1200 case

A unique Amiga A1200 case.  Make your new Amiga 1200 stand out from the crowd with this stunning eye-catching case.


- Finished in an amazing metallic eye-catching colour, antique white or original unsprayed case.

- Includes Keyboard

- New Amiga badge with a brushed metal finish


Cleaned, Primed, Sprayed and Sealed - Our technique makes any ageing, scratches or discolouring disappear...  making the case virtually new again!  or if you prefer you can choose a clean, tidy uncoloured original light-beige A1200... just like the original machine.


* The case shown as an example is from

* This can only be purchased as part of a custom built Amiga 1200.


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*Amiga 1200 Case [choice of colours]

PriceFrom £105.00
  • * Metallic finish, antique white or original unsprayed cleaned case. we will supply the best quality case we have available, but due to the age an unsprayed case may have some minor marks.