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Introducing our compact 3.5 inch Floppy Disk Box, perfect for safely storing and organizing your valuable data disks. This handy box can hold up to 2 disks, keeping them protected and secure. Its transparent blue design allows for easy visibility of your disks, making it simple to find the right one when you need it.


A sturdy plastic semi-transparent case that holds up to two 3.5" inch Amiga floppy disks. Can also be used to house Atari ST, PC, Acorn & Mac diskettes.


Whether you're a collector of vintage technology or still rely on floppy disks for certain tasks, this box is a must-have for keeping your disks in pristine condition.

Add this sleek and functional disk holder to your collection of computer accessories today!


The package includes:

- Disk box , Transparent blue.

3.5 inch Floppy Disk Box (Holds 2 disks)

  • Nice Condition, As Shown

  • A selection of one-off limited stock items from a number of our closest Commodore-dealer friends.


    All the items listed here are in our storage warehouse, you only deal with us, and we guarantee the items you order are available from our stock, and simply processed in the same manner as we do all our daily orders.


    All RetroMarket items are sold as seen, sold as used, with no warranty what-so-ever, and priced as such. See individual items for condition and if item has been tested by the seller.

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