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  • Multifunctional Precision Screwdriver Set that should satisfy all your needs complete with every screwdriver head you'll possibly ever need to fix virtually any electronics, like Personal Computers, Mobile Phones, Laptops and more.


  • This Precision screwdriver set contains 109 pieces of screwdrivers, A 10 piece screw extractor set and 26 accessories. 


  • Along with the vast range of screwdriver bits there is also magnetizers, tweezers, magnetic pads, suction cups & sim card removal tools and opening tools included in with the accessories.


  • The tips of the precision screwdriver set are made of vanadium chrome steel and screw extractor tips are made of S2 steel. 


  • The screwdriver handle is made of silicone material to ensure 'anti slip' and deliver comfortable control and maximum torque. With a rotating upper part that makes screwing or unscrewing a breeze.


  • Includes an impact resistant PP material storage box, which is convenient for transportation and safe storage.


  • Model and size labels are printed on each screwdriver head and slot to keep your tool kit in order. 


^145 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set with Damaged Screw Removal Kit


  • Numerous Repair Tools: This includes 109pcs mini screwdriver bits, 10pcs damaged screw remover bit and 26pcs accessory pack.


  • Multi-Purpose Screwdriver Kit: Our precision magnetic screwdriver kit  can be used for repairing various appliances like general household appliances like fans, refrigerators, TVs, washing machine, air conditioner, oven etc., Electronic devices like mobile phone, laptops, computers, camera, game consoles, watches and even eye-glasses etc.


  • Durable Material: The screwdriver bits are made of chrome vanadium steel(CRV) and the screw extractor bits are made of S2 steel. With excellent rust resistance and corrosion resistance this mini repair tool set has great durability, good toughness and high wear resistance. Everything is neatly packed in a hard plastic box.



The damaged screw remover kit is specially used for removing screws that are stripped, damaged, rusted, broken, etc.


Material: S2 Steel

Hardness Grade: up to 62 HRC


  • It is best to use a small electric hand drill instead of a hammer drill.
  • Mini screw extractor set should be used vertically and at a low speed.
  • Can remove broken, rusted or damaged screws or bolts.
  • Can fit all types of screw types
  • 5* Drill Bit (Dr#6, Dr#7, Dr#8, Dr#9, Dr#10)
  • 5* Screw Extractor Bit (Ex#6, Ex#7, Ex#8, Ex#9, Ex#10)



  • 1* Anti-slip handle
  • 1* Stable extension rod; 1* Flexible extension bar
  • 1* Magnetic bit holder; 1* Antistatic strap
  • 1* Magnetiser/Demagnetiser for bits
  • 1* Magnetic screw mat
  • 1* Anti Static tweezers
  • 2* Suction cup; 2* SIM card needle
  • 10* Triangular pick
  • 3* Device opener
  • 1* Dust cloth



  • 13* Hexagon screwdriver bits; 13* Slotted screwdriver bits; 13* Phillips screwdriver bits
  • 12* Torx screwdriver bits
  • 11* Torx with a hole screwdriver bit
  • 7* Inner Hexagon screwdriver bit; 7* Tri-Wing screwdriver bit
  • 6* Pentagram screwdriver bit; 6* Wrench bit
  • 5* Pozidriv screwdriver bit
  • 4* triangular screwdriver bits
  • 3* Square screwdriver bit; 3* U-type screwdriver bit; 3* SIM screwdriver bit
  • 2* Inner Torx screwdriver bit
  • 1* MID screwdriver bit


^145 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set with Damaged Screw Extractor Kit

^ Dispatched within 2 days and may be sent separately from any other items ordered.

^145 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set with Damaged Screw Extractor

  • The instructions for stripped screw extractor set

    Step 1: Select a drill bit (Dr#6-#10) that is slightly smaller than damaged screw. Install the selected drill bit on the electric hand drill.

    Align the drill bit with the centre of the damaged screw and drill a hole.

    Step 2: Insert a screw extractor bit (Ex#6-#10) suitable for the size of the hole into the drilled hole. Turn the screw extractor until the damaged screw is removed.

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