KAO DSDD 3.5" Floppy Disks Box of 10

Brand New Stock of 10 x 3.5 inch Floppy Disks. [Boxed and Sealed]


Suitable for Amiga (box labelled as 1.0mb)


- New boxed/sealed packaging

- 10 x 3.5" Disks (Double Density)

- 10 x Diskette-labels

- KAO Branded

- Designed and manufactured in the USA


Suitable for use with:

- Classic Amiga's (A500/A500+, A600,A1200,A2000,A1500,A3000,A4000)

- Atari ST /  Mega ST

- Older Music Equipment

- and more.


* Double Density Disks (DSDD 1.0mb) hold up to 880k on Amiga and 720k on an Atari ST.


Diskette colour is unknown but likely black or blue.

KAO Branded DSDD 3.5" Disks (pack of 10)